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Don’t Fly with Only One Wing

Can you have a balanced scorecard without compliance?

When it comes to navigating organizations many use a balanced scorecard (BSC) to keep their businesses in the air and on course.

A balanced scorecard maps strategic measures and initiatives to appropriate aspects of the business.

Along with value chain activities many only use one wing to keep them aloft — productivity programs.

Productivity programs improve margin to contend with aleatory uncertainty (having to do with chance) to cover losses that cannot be avoided or reduced.

However, there are other outcomes that a company needs to achieve such as: safety, security, sustainability, quality, regulatory, and more.

It’s here that certainty programs are used to achieve compliance associated with buying-down risk that is reducible – those connected with epistemic uncertainty (lack of knowledge).

Certainty programs create a second wing that truly balances corporate activities to keep businesses flying in the air and on course towards total value.

Compliance failure means mission failure.

To ensure mission success make sure compliance is part of your Balanced Scorecard.



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