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The Proactive Certainty Program



When it comes to performance-based compliance required by organizations where compliance failure means mission failure we need more than working systems – we need systems that work.


For compliance systems to work they must be operational; they must achieve a minimum level of compliance defined as Minimum Viable Compliance (MVC).


MVC is a true measure of compliance effectiveness and is reached when essential functions, behaviours, and interactions work together at levels sufficient to create compliance benefits – the outcome of compliance. 

The Proactive Certainty Program™  is our advanced program to help you achieve compliance operability and  continuously improve effectiveness over time.  This program follows our four-step process designed to transform your compliance to achieve significantly better outcomes with greater certainty, lower risk, and less waste:

  • Step 1 - Orient: quickly assess your compliance situation and identify areas of risk and improvement.

  • Step 2 - Map: learn as you create your improvement road map towards better compliance outcomes.

  • Step 3 - Operationalize: implement essential capabilities and behaviours to achieve operational readiness.

  • Step 4 - Elevate: continuously improve your compliance effectiveness over time.


The first step is offered at no cost and designed to help you quickly assess your compliance situation and decide if this program is right for you.

1. Orient
2. Map
3. Operationalize
4. Elevate

We off this step at no cost to you, and there is no obligation to continue with the program.

By completing The Proactive Certainty Scorecard™ and joining us for a hands-on working session (60 minutes) you'll quickly learn what is holding you back from realizing better outcomes.

At the end of the session, you'll walk away with a clear understanding of your compliance situation and actionable steps you can take to improve your compliance. We will also decide together if this program is the right fit for your organization.

We invite you to complete this first step starting with filling in The Proactive Certainty Scorecard™:

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