The Proactive Certainty Program™

Improve Stakeholder Trust

The risk & compliance landscape has changed from being characterized by meeting prescriptive requirements to one focused on advancing outcomes, reducing risk, and improving continuously.

These changes require a holistic and proactive approach which is seldom found within organizations that have for years focused on passing audits and implementing corrective actions.

Based on our experience working with hundreds of companies we’ve learned that many take a silo-ed approach to compliance. They often wait until they have been audited or for a serious incident to occur before they improve their compliance.

As a result, over time their risks increase, they lose the trust of stakeholders, and in some cases, they lose their business.

We call this The Reactive Uncertainty Trap™.

However, If you take a proactive approach to compliance, you can achieve a much better outcome.

You can lower your risks, enhance the trust of your stakeholders, and be in a better position to sustain as well as grow your business.

That’s why we recommend you do three things:

  1. Take ownership of your compliance obligations (Don't wait for an auditor to tell you what they are).

  2. Improve your compliance processes on an incremental and continuous basis.

  3. Develop systems that indicate in real-time the status of your compliance and your ability to advance outcomes.

We have two choices for you: basic and advanced.


For the basic, we can provide you with risk & compliance consulting services.


Of course, you can get the basic from many other consultants. 


However, the advanced program we created – The Proactive Certainty Program™ – takes everything to a much higher level and is only available from us. It's important to point out that you don't need to give up any existing consultants to join the advanced program.

This advanced program is not for everyone. It's for ethical and ambitious companies who are future-oriented and strive to always improve their performance. If this sounds like your company, you may be interested in joining this advanced program.

If you want to be more proactive with your compliance, we offer a free 90-minute compliance mapping session. During this hands-on, working session we help you assess your current situation and identify areas to quickly improve your compliance.

To arrange your free session, schedule a 30 minute call with our program office:

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