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Free Resources to Help You Improve Your Compliance


Effective Compliance Assessment

We developed the following 70 questions to help you evaluate your organization’s ability to support regulations, industry standards, vision zero, and ESG outcomes and objectives.


Project Pre-mortem Risk Canvas Powerpoint Template

We just released our Project Pre-Mortem Risk Canvas based on the 5 Principles of Project Success by Glen Alleman. This canvas will help you conduct a structured pre-mortem and identify reducible and irreducible risk for your projects.


White Paper - Why Compliance Needs to Change

Increasingly, organizations are observing that their compliance programs are not achieving their intended outcomes. Compliance is seen as too expensive, ineffective and unable to keep up with emerging standards and regulations. Compliance appears to be falling behind, and in the process, exposing organizations to unnecessary risk.
Download our most recent white paper to find out more.


Hoshin Kanri - Compliance Compass

How is your compliance measuring up? Are you seeing the benefits of your investment? Start using the Lean Compliance Compass to guide your improvements to make sure they uphold your principles, support your strategic initiatives, and are sustained through efficient processes.Download our free excel spreadsheet based on the 10 Principles of Effective Compliance and start navigating your way to better outcomes.


BowTie Analysis Powerpoint Template

Download our free BowTie Analysis powerpoint template to help you identify your defense against threats and your attack on opportunities.


ISO 31000 - BowTie Analysis Powerpoint Template

We just released a new PowerPoint BowTie Template this time embedded as part of the ISO 31000 risk process. As always, we consider both threats and opportunities to improve the certainty of project, program, and mission success.


Compliance Beetle Powerpoint Template

Download our free Compliance Beetle powerpoint template to help you capture compliance and risk considerations in your process definitions. Great for ISO standards and guidelines.


Risk-based Lean A3 Worksheet of Compliance Obligations

Download our free Risk-based Lean A3 Obligations Worksheet template to help you capture your obligation definition, change, risk, measures and improvement.

   Complete Scorecard

MOC Program Scorecard

Management of Change (MOC) is a necessary and essential part of every effective process and safety program in support of OSHA, API RP 1173, and ISO standards.

MOC is a proactive process used to identify and reduce risks due to changes in assets, process, procedures, or organizational structures that are critical to process, pipeline and occupational safety.

However, we have found that many companies do not measure the effectiveness of their MOC program. They are unsure that new risks are ameliorated or if latent risks are now being exposed as a result of planned changes.

We offer a free MOC assessment. Our MOC scorecard helps you assess how well your MOC system is doing and quickly identifies areas of improvement. You can complete the scorecard using the following link. We will then schedule your free MOC mapping session (60 minutes).

   Complete Scorecard

The Proactive Certainty Scorecard™

We’ve learned that many companies take a silo-ed approach to compliance reinforced by reactive behaviors. They often wait until they have been audited or for a serious incident to occur before they improve compliance effectiveness.

As a result, over time their risks increase, they lose the trust of stakeholders, and in some cases, they lose their business. We call this The Reactive Uncertainty Trap™.
However, if you take a proactive approach to compliance, you can achieve a much better outcome. You can lower your risks, enhance the trust of your stakeholders, and be in a better position to grow or sustain your business.

We offer our Proactive Certainty Scorecard™ to help you assess how well your compliance program is doing. This scorecard includes a free compliance mapping session to review your results and quickly identify areas of improvement.

You can complete the scorecard using the following link


Case Study - Organizational Change

This company needed to implement a process to manage changes to safety critical positions which is regulated across the process sector. In addition, a company-wide reorganization was being planned that would impact these positions and where having this process in place would mitigate exposed risks due to both personnel and structural changes. No existing process existed and so a new one would need to be developed, tested, and deployed to support the reorganization.


Case Study - MOC Small Pipeline Company

This pipeline company has 250 employees and manages a pipeline crossing several municipal and state jurisdictions. Their MOC process was minimal and did not deliver the intended outcomes. A previous attempt to remedy the situation by introducing new technologies had failed. The new API RP1173 pipeline safety system guidelines were on the horizon and they needed to start making progress quickly.

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