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Lean Compliance - Operational Compliance - Primer



In my years working within the compliance landscape, I've come to realize that it's not just about ticking boxes or adhering to regulations; it's about Care. Those dedicated to compliance genuinely care about the impact of their work, yet there's often a gap between that care and realizing the benefits from all their hard work.

This primer takes a step back from the technical nitty-gritty and regulatory complexities— there are plenty of experts and resources for that. Instead, it offers an insightful overview of how operational compliance is achieved and, more importantly, how you can harness compliance programs to drive positive outcomes: enhanced safety protocols, fortified security measures, sustainable practices, reduced environmental impact, assured quality standards, and the cultivation of trust with stakeholders.

I hope you find this primer to be an insightful guide on the topic of Operational Compliance – not a luxury, but a necessity for effective compliance.

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Unlocking the Potential of ISO 37301


For compliance to succeed you must manage your obligations, but more importantly you need to keep your promises This requires several things working together to produce the outcome of compliance:

Better safety, security, sustainability, quality, lower risk, and ultimately better stakeholder trust.

ISO 37301 can help you achieve those outcomes. But only if you intend to keep your promises. Otherwise, it will just be another standard among others that add more work, cost and deliver few benefits.

In this webinar, I help you understand what ISO 37301 is all about, how it works, and how to use it to keep all your promises.

By doing so you will realize more than just incremental improvements. You will experience transformational benefits that compound year over year.

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Effective Compliance: A Strong Defence Against Mission Failure


Presented at the ACFE Houston Fraud Conference 2023 - PDF with speaker notes.

In this presentation, we look at:

1. The risk and compliance landscape - this will help us answer the question of why
2. How compliance programs work - without understanding this you will never know how to make them effective
3. Operational model for compliance - connect all the dots so you have no holes in your defences
4. What's essential for effective compliance - how to achieve Minimal Viable Compliance (MVC)

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Lean Logistics: Improving the Probability of Missions Success Using LEAN


Everything happens in presence of uncertainty. To succeed we must learn how to effectively manage in the presence of this uncertainty. In this presentation, I hope to show you how LEAN is not only a way to improve efficiencies (as important as that is) but also how LEAN is a means to help you effectively contend with the greatest WASTE of them all - RISK.

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Lean Operational Compliance Model


(Version 4) – Operational Compliance is a state of operability when all essential compliance functions, behaviours, and interactions exist and perform at levels necessary to realize compliance outcomes. This operational compliance model will help you achieve and sustain operational readiness so that you always stay between the lines and ahead of risk.

This model now includes the 5 immutable principles of program success.

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