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The Proactive Certainty Program™ - Step 2


The Proactive Certainty Program™ helps you take a proactive and systems approach to compliance to escape the reactive uncertainty trap and achieve a much better outcome from their compliance efforts.

Step 2 of The Proactive Certainty Program™ follows a 12-week process where we help you develop your compliance improvement roadmap to achieve operational and effective compliance.

Download the program brochure to learn more about what is involved and how to join the program.

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Lean Compliance Poster



Based on our experience working with hundreds of organizations we learned that many take a silo-ed and reactive approach to meeting their obligations. They also wait until they have been audited or for a serious incident to occur before they improve their compliance.

As a result, over time their risk increase, promises are not kept, and they lose the trust of their stakeholders. Some may even lose their business. We call this The Reactive Uncertainty Trap.

Download our Lean Compliance Poster that shows how you can escape this trap.

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White Paper - Why Compliance Needs to Change

White Paper

Increasingly, organizations are observing that their compliance programs are not achieving their intended outcomes. Compliance is seen as too expensive, ineffective and unable to keep up with emerging standards and regulations. Compliance appears to be falling behind, and in the process, exposing organizations to unnecessary risk.

Download our most recent white paper to find out more.

Fill In Scorecard

The Proactive Certainty Scorecard™


Completing the Proactive Certainty Scorecard™ will help you assess how well your compliance program is doing. You will also be entitled to a free compliance orientation session where we analyze your results and quickly identify areas of improvement.

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Effective Compliance Assessment


We developed over 70 questions to help you evaluate your organization’s ability to support regulations, industry standards, vision zero, and ESG outcomes and objectives.

Answers to these questions will help you evaluate the status of your compliance and your capabilities for effectiveness.

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The Environmental Golden Thread



The number of initiatives directed towards environmental regulations, standards, and stakeholder obligations is increasing across all levels of governments, private sectors, and the public at large.

However, it is at the municipal level where this is most acute as almost everything here intersects with the environment. Municipalities are where public policy comes face to face with the environment. It is where the rubber metaphorically and physically meets the road.

To better understand how are contending with environmental objectives we compiled a list of environmental initiatives across Canada. This data includes: key goals, objectives, policy influences, and municipal resources summarized into what we are calling The 12 Environmental Pillars.

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Obligation / Promise Register



Obligations Register Excel Worksheet with Risk and RAM functionality.

Version 1.0

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Hoshin Kanri - Compliance Compass


How is your compliance measuring up? Are you seeing the benefits from your investment?

Start using the Lean Compliance Compass to guide your improvements to make sure they uphold your principles, support your strategic initiatives, and are sustained through efficient processes.

Download our free excel spreadsheet based on the 10 Principles of Effective Compliance and start navigating your way to better outcomes.

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Obligations A3 Worksheet


Download our free Lean A3 Obligations Worksheet to help you capture your obligation definition, change, risk, measures and improvement.

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PDCA A3 Worksheet


Download our free PDCA A3 Worksheet template to help you capture compliance improvements.

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ISO 31000 - BowTie Analysis Powerpoint Worksheet


Our PowerPoint BowTie Template embedded as part of the ISO 31000 risk process. As always, we consider both threats and opportunities to improve the certainty of project, program, and mission success.

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Project Pre-mortem Risk Canvas Powerpoint Template


Our Project Pre-Mortem Risk Canvas based on the 5 Principles of Project Success by Glen Alleman. This canvas will help you conduct a structured pre-mortem and identify reducible and irreducible risk for your projects.

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Project Charter



Start your project on the right track with our Project Charter Template

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Compliance Beetle



Quality Beetle Diagram adapted for Compliance