Our mission is to help organizations in highly-regulated, high-risk industries increase stakeholder trust by improving their ability to meet all their obligations.


Principals and Partners

Raimund Laqua, PMP, P.Eng

Founder, Chief Compliance Engineer

Raimund Laqua is founder and Chief Compliance Engineer at Lean Compliance Consulting, Inc. His focus is helping ethical, ambitious companies in highly-regulated, high-risk industries improve the effectiveness of their compliance programs covering safety & security, quality, regulatory and environmental objectives.


Raimund is a professional engineer with a bachelor’s degree in electrical / computer engineering from McMaster University (Hamilton). He has consulted for over 25 years across North America applying his technical knowledge and strategic approach to advance critical processes within: oil & gas, energy, pharmaceutical, medical device, government and technology companies.

Raimund is author of weekly blog articles, and an upcoming book on effective compliance. He speaks regularly on the topics of risk, compliance, and digital transformation.

Elemental Compliance

Strategic Alliance Partner

Elemental Compliance, provides a depth of knowledge in interpreting and applying Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations from gas to liquid and everything in between. Elemental experts have over 20 years’ experience in consulting and working in the pipeline compliance space.


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Lean Compliance Network

Glen B. Alleman

Glen B Alleman has 25 years of experience in multiple domains such as program management, project management, system engineering and software development. He is currently heading the program planning and control practice for Niwot Ridge LLC.


Glen B Alleman is associated with Clear Plan LLC as a program controller. He is also a regular contributor of IEEE software engineering body of knowledge. Glen B Alleman also teaches computer sciences, physics and mathematics in different universities. He was also the principle consultant for multiple organizations. He works on evidence based project performance management for software intensive programs in aerospace, defense, enterprise IT using agile.

Joyti Patel

A wealth of practical experience in developing and implementing operational and strategic risk management systems and tools that guarantees an improvement of effective communication, decision making and performance culture across an organization.

Extensive involvement in streamlining communication processes to Executive Leadership. Proven ability to develop and structure risk governance with tailored metrics that are specifically targeted to improve reputation, performance culture and ultimately leading to Operational Excellence.

Detailed knowledge of completing various analytics for measuring risks that are tailored individually based on company drivers both Corporately and at Business Unit level. Particular focus to create corporate risk governance and integrating market drivers within an organization to ultimately build an operational and strategic risk profile for the organization.

Currently holds position of Chair, Process Safety Management Division (PSMD) through the Chemical Society of Chemical Engineering (CSChE) and nominated Board Member of the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC).

Darrell Raymond, Ph.D.

Darrell Raymond is an independent consultant who has many years of experience in the information technology field, both in research and in practical software development and deployment. 

Dr. Raymond completed a Ph.D in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in 1996, and over a ten-year period he was involved in R&D work that was the precursor to today’s Web technology, including hypertext, search engines, web browsers, finite-state machines, markup languages, and user interfaces. Raymond’s current research interest is the impact of requirements on system quality. 

Since 1996 Dr. Raymond has been involved in teaching, consulting and commercial project management in the field of management systems for engineering and manufacturing, with an emphasis on quality and regulatory systems. Dr. Raymond assists clients with requirements, specification, architecture, vendor selection, system design, implementation, validation, and system rollout. Clients past and present include Abbott Laboratories, Alliance Pipeline, Amtrak, Argonne National Laboratories, Bose Corporation, Celanese Corporation, Dialogic Corp, Duke Energy, GE Nuclear, Global Advanced Metals, Hospira, Hovensa, Lexmark, Los Alamos National Laboratories, MDS SCIEX, NV Energy, Petro-Canada, Siemens, and Total Refining & Petrochemicals.

Dr. Raymond has been an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Management Science at the University of Waterloo, where he taught quality systems and management of software projects (2011-2016). He is a past lecturer for the University of Waterloo Institute for Computer Research, where he taught seminars on C++ programming (1993-1996), and for the University of Waterloo’s Education Program for Software Professionals, teaching to the financial services sector, including the Bank of Montreal and Liberty Health (1996-1999).

Jackie Kjos

Jackie established her consulting business in 1997 after a successful management career with the British Columbia provincial government. She has worked in all sectors of the energy industry as both an employee and consultant. Her experience covers the service sector, upstream, midstream, processing, transmission and hydroelectric sectors. She also managed a provincial oil and gas association for ten years. Jackie has extensive experience working with all levels of government (local, regional, provincial and federal) as well as a strong background with the transportation, forestry and agriculture industries.

Jackie is certified in PROSCI change management and specializes in facilitating solutions working with a diverse client base on projects including strategic and business planning, feasibility studies, research and data analysis, financial management and reporting, lobbying, project management, event planning, marketing and communications, proposal and plan development and policy and procedure development. She has built her business and reputation on hard work, common sense and practical solutions that work in real world situations.

Jackie was the front-line implementer for the Enbridge (Spectra Energy’s) Management of Change (MOC) program which is discussed further in the case studies. During the three-year implementation she delivered training, provided telephone/email support, developed and rolled out metrics and identified and implemented continuous improvements to the asset, procedure, regulatory and organizational MOC programs and systems. She was key in the development of the MOC as an Operations Management System program and was integrated with the Process Safety Management team. She was the key responder to the MOC internal program audit and liaised with and implemented corrective actions for regulatory audits.

Brett Nelson, P.Eng.

Brett is a Lean / Operational Excellence practitioner with 30+ years experience spanning technology, military, automotive and aerospace industries. Brett’s focus is on building strategic organisational systems, a culture of continuous improvement and Lean value creation. Brett a professional mechanical engineer, founder and lead consultant for the Operational Excellence Network (Canada), and an Advisory Board Member of the Operational Excellence Society LLC. Brett is also a sessional instructor of Lean Six Sigma and Process Quality Engineering.

Brett has direct experience developing compliance systems in both Quality and Trade and facilitated the transformation to Lean Management within a multinational organization, improving value and compliance for the customer, the organization, and the employee stakeholders. Brett is a strong collaborator, clear communicator, and effective facilitator for change.

Debbie Hennelly

Debbie Hennelly (a US citizen, based in New Jersey) has spent more than 25 years developing and implementing compliance and ethics programs for organizations, ranging from small organizations to some of the largest multinationals.  Using her legal expertise in combination with her engineering background, Debbie guides organizations and their senior leadership teams with dynamic risk assessment and management and creating a culture of integrity.  Her innovative approaches help strengthen competitive resilience by integrating risk and cultural insights into an organization’s strategic planning, operations and leadership framework.  Debbie has broad experience engaging internal and external stakeholders to build trust and protect reputational value. 

Debbie founded Resiliti LLC (formerly Compliance & Ethics Solutions), a boutique consulting firm, in 2004.  She has more recently served as general counsel and chief compliance officer for two privately-held chemical companies, Sonneborn and PeroxyChem, during transitional periods for both companies, reporting directly to their CEOs and meeting quarterly with their Boards of Directors.  She has also served as adjunct faculty for BP, facilitating small-group workshops in ethical leadership, as well as facilitating focus groups and training for other publicly-traded and privately-held organizations. 


Earlier in her career, Debbie spent more than ten years in legal and compliance roles at AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, BP and Avon Products, with responsibilities ranging from implementing environmental and safety management systems to leading global compliance and ethics programs.  Her experience holding senior in-house roles in public and private companies, as well as her work in two compliance service providers, has enabled her to acquire an uncommon perspective from both sides of the client/vendor relationship. 

Prior to her in-house roles, Debbie spent five years practicing environmental law in Washington, DC, and New Jersey.  Before earning her law degree, she was a civil/environmental engineer and supervised construction for Exxon Company, USA.  Debbie earned a B.S.E. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University, and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. 

David James

David is highly resourceful supply-chain process improvement professional with over 25 years of consulting experience.

Knowledgeable, methodical, diligent and focused, David applies his strengths assisting organizations to reengineer key business processes, implement and realize significant sustainable services and cost improvements across wide variety of industries.

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Sandra Brunet, BSc., Manager of Environmental Operations, City of Barrie

When it comes to compliance driven operational processes, continual improvement moves workgroups from best efforts to best outcomes.  LEAN Compliance enabled my team to clarify performance based outcomes, identify associated metrics that properly ‘steer the ship’ and that assist in mitigating risk.  This new found understanding has resulted in fresh ideas from the team that has translated to greater efficiencies, commitments to effectiveness and an excitement around continual improvement.  It is the positive change in customer reactions that tell it all…something that would delight any leader!

Russ Martin, Manager Asset Records & GIS

Explorer Pipeline Company evaluated several 3rd party MOC applications and chose Gateway Group Consulting as Explorer’s MOC vendor. Little did Explorer know at the time, but our selection proved to be a greater solution for our new MOC System than expected. Gateway’s product is totally a SharePoint solution and fit really well within Explorer. They have a great SharePoint application, user friendly and common sense logic.


Also the knowledge provided by Ray Laqua (assigned to our project) was as much engineering based as software based. Not only did Gateway satisfy the need for a better MOC application, but Ray provided excellent engineering guidance to assist Explorer in implementing an API 1173 recommended practice MOC solution to Explorer. As project manager responsible for development and implementation of Explorer’s MOC System I do not think we could have found a more qualified person to work with.

Neal McGarry, PSM Manager / Advisor

I have come to know Ray Laqua through a working relationship over the last four years. My name is Neal McGarry (former Manager Process Safety Spectra Energy West, now retired).


Ray was a leading member and Project Manager for a multi phased project at Spectra Energy West to design and implement a new Management of Change (MOC) process. The scope of the MOC project was formidable, as it included asset change, procedural change regulatory change and organizational change.


Thanks to Ray’s Project Management skill and experience the MOC project was delivered on time and on budget. More importantly, Ray’s leadership in Risk Management and software design was instrumental in delivering an MOC system that was able to identify, quantify and manage PSM risk associated with change.


Ray brought years of Project Management, Risk Management, Software design, innovation, integrity, hard-work  and positive attitude to the MOC project. With Ray's experience and attitude we were able to deliver a comprehensive MOC system that manages changes to Assets, Procedures, Regulations and Organizational/Personnel change.


I have no hesitation in recommending Ray to lead, design and implement innovative solutions to risk management that meets the needs of any business.

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