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Voluntary Information Sharing

Many of us participate in consumer platforms that collect and use data to improve their products, operations, and ultimately profits. This is often without consent although that is beginning to change. Nevertheless, what is clear is that having this information is an advantage.

However, when it comes to collecting and using compliance data the story is very different. Companies for the most part must voluntarily participate in information sharing programs which often do not exist and where the use of their information is unclear.

No wonder they are less willing to share information even within their own sectors. However, this comes at the expense of making needed improvements.

Given the proposed voluntary information safety sharing program being considered will pipeline operators voluntarily participate knowing that pipeline safety is at stake?

Even if they did do they have the IT infrastructure in place to collect and provide the data and how will this information be protected against misuse or cyber attack?

For those who would like to learn more about the proposed voluntary information sharing (VIS) program can find the working group report here.

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