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Uncertainty and Risk

Given that uncertainty and risk are on everyone's minds we have decided to go ahead and offer this workshop so you could benefit from important risk management principles and practices to improve the probability of project success in the presence of the COVID-19 uncertainties.

In consideration of the public health recommendations this workshop to will now be a virtual format.

This event will still take place on Saturday March 28th. However, the timing for the event has been adjusted based on the new format. The event will take place from 9 am until 12 pm and consist of three 50 minute sessions with 10 minute breaks between each session.

The PMI chapter (PMI-CTT) will still be offering 3.0 PDUs for eligible attendees.

However, this event is open to everyone.

If you are involved with projects and looking for ways to improve your chances of success, you will benefit from this workshop.

I would like to express my appreciation to the PMI-CTT chapter for all their hard work to make this workshop possible. This new format will provide the opportunity for more people to take advantage of this workshop and learn important risk management principles and practices which are needed more than ever in the presence of the COVID-19 uncertainties.

If you haven't registered you can do so at this link. We look forward to connecting with you on Saturday, March 28th.

It's time to defeat the dragon of uncertainty.


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