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Elevate Your Undestanding

One Day or Day 1

Many organizations recognize that meeting all their obligations and staying ahead of risk requires adopting a holistic, proactive, and integrative approach to compliance. However, they also find themselves trapped by a siloed, reactive, and divided practice reinforced by years of prescriptive rules and audits.

They often tell me,

I know we need to change but we have too much on our plate. We’re too busy putting in controls, auditing, and working on corrective actions to be proactive. Perhaps one day we will be in better shape to change.

But I tell them,

That day will never come, you will never catch up, and you will never make the changes you need to really protect value creation and keep all your stakeholder commitments.

The difference between compliance failure or success depends on one decision:

One Day or Day 1?

You need to decide to change today. You may not know what’s needed or how to proceed at first. That can be improved over time. But no change will happen until you decide to start.

You can wait until something bad happens and when it might be too late to change.


You can decide to make One Day into Day 1.

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