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How Do You Fight Uncertainty?

The new year has begun for many in earnest with the year's goals and objectives on the forefront of our minds.

  • How will we achieve these in the presence of continued uncertainty?

  • Which threats and opportunities should we contend with and with what measures?

There are many assessment tools to help you identify risk but there are few that help you identify where and how to implement risk measures.

The bow-tie analysis is one of the best and is used by many in highly-regulated, high-risk industries such as oil&gas, pipeline, chemical, and increasingly in IT and other industries.

The Bow-Tie is one of their super powers to contend with uncertainty.

That's why we recommend that organizations use the Bow-Tie Analysis to improve the probability of meeting all their stakeholder obligations and why you should too.

Here is a list of articles and templates covering the bow-tie for you to use to help you increase your chances of mission success this year.

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