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Elevate Your Undestanding

Operational Rings of Power

To achieve ESG along with other compliance outcomes in the presence of uncertainty, organizations need the help of three rings:

🔸 Ring of Alignment (coordinated effort towards targeted outcomes)

🔸 Ring of Performance (capabilities to meet obligations)

🔸 Ring of Consistency (conformance to standards)

Operational Rings of Power

These are held together by the fellowship of:

🔸 Feed Forward leading indicators and actions, and

🔸 Feed Back lagging indicators and actions

When these are operating together as one, obligations can be met and stakeholders will experience the benefits from being in compliance: improved quality, safety, environment, security, sustainability, and so on – the real power of compliance.

And who knows, you might even defeat the forces of Mordor and save Middle Earth. Now wouldn't that be something.

Operational Compliance - Primer

"For Compliance to be Effective,

It First Must be Operational."


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Operational Compliance - Primer


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