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You May Be Using The Wrong Compliance Software And Here's Why

Management systems are efficient at what they do, that is, doing the same thing the same way over and over again. What they tend not to be good at is change.

However, what compliance needs most of all is the ability to improve and mature capability over time to advance compliance outcomes. This means change and this is something that management software often does not support.

Many companies chose software based only on improving efficiencies in conforming to a fixed set of basic compliance requirements. This is often directed at the reactive side of compliance focused on reporting, audits and the collection of lagging indicators. These systems often do not support processes that allow you to be proactive as you improve towards higher standards, and better outcomes.

The majority of regulations and industry standards are now performance and risk-based that require companies advance their capability maturity over time. Compliance systems must move beyond just focusing on improving efficiencies and instead support capabilities that leadership needs to improve effectiveness. Technology must now support proactive in addition to reactive processes.

Proactive compliance management systems provide capabilities for:

  • Managing traceability of all obligations (mandatory and voluntary)

  • Real-time monitoring of compliance status and capabilities

  • Discovery of insights to proactively stay in compliance and improve performance

  • Learning and skill development to advance capabilities that advance outcomes

  • Continuous improvement across measures of conformance, performance, and effectiveness.

Companies should not settle on software that only meets basic requirements. When it comes to quality, safety, and environmental programs there is more at stake than just saving money.



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