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Which Problem Should Compliance Be Solving?

Updated: Aug 29

The question that compliance should be asking is not how do we move from spreadsheets to automation but rather how do achieve better outcomes form being in compliance.

Confusing Effort with Results
Confusing Effort with Results

The former is a data-first mindset. Replacing spreadsheets with automated tools has some utility but it is not enough to stay ahead of risk and staying between the lines. This mindset turns the question into a data capture, storage, manipulation, and reporting problem.

The latter is an outcome-first mindset. This turns the question into a benefits realization problem. It looks at what capabilities do we need to achieve targeted outcomes from our compliance, what resources do we need to achieve those outcomes, what obstacles are in the way, and how do we measure our progress.

An outcome-first approach enables transformational change whereas a data-first approach will only at best produce the same results you currently have faster or at worst create a lot more work.

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"For Compliance to be Effective,

It First Must be Operational."

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