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A Problem with Compliance Standards

Problem with Compliance Standards
Problem with Compliance Standards

When we adopt a standard we find that it inevitably judges what we are currently doing. That is what good standards do. They are a measuring stick set against our current mindset, behaviours, practices, and culture. Our reaction to what the standard reveals provide important insights that will need to be addressed.

We may find that we are:

🔸Indifferent - this doesn’t affect me so I don’t care if we do it or not.

🔸Confused - the standard overlaps and competes with other initiatives. This will slow down the other projects I am working on.

🔸Overwhelmed - this will be too hard. The standard is too high for us to obtain. This will only be more work. I am already doing the best that I can.

🔸Discouraged - I put a lot of work into our last effort and nothing came from it. Why should this be any different?

🔸Unsure - adopting new ways of doing things is easier said than done. I don’t see how this will succeed.

🔸Skeptical - why are we really doing this? Will this really help us?

🔸Encouraged - the standard will help us improve and provide something to work towards. Why are we waiting. Let’s get started.

Organizations will need to address these reactions and others when they adopt new or revised compliance standards.

  • How have you addressed these reactions?

  • What other reactions did you discover?

  • What else did a standard reveal about your situation?

  • What ways can help bring everyone on board?

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