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Elevate Your Undestanding

Two Obligations You Cannot Ignore

When it comes to compliance there are two primary obligations that you cannot ignore: stay between the lines and stay ahead of risk.

Staying between the lines is focused on keeping risk out and certainty in. We want to operate within ethical, legal, and beneficial boundaries necessary to maintain mission success. This is accomplished by such things as codes of conduct, rules, limits, guardrails, protocols, guidelines, procedures, and policies. Improvements are triggered by incidents of operating near or outside the lines.

Staying ahead of risk is focused on advancing the probability of mission success. This is a dynamic and continuous endeavour to keep the dragons of uncertainty at bay and far enough away to interfere with our mission. This is accomplished by contending with uncertainty using margins and buying down risk to levels needed for our strategy to succeed. Improvements are triggered by the presence of uncertainty between us and our objectives.


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