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Knowledge To Help Elevate Your Compliance

Are Your Risk & Compliance Programs Effective?

More than 75% of companies never measure the effectiveness of their risk & compliance programs. As a result they don't now if their efforts are helping or hurting the achievement of mission objectives or the protection of value and reputation. We created the Proactive Certainty Scorecard™ (Version 3) to help organizations quickly assess how well their risk & compliance programs are doing. This evaluation can be completed in 20 minutes and will provide you with valuable insights on how you can:

  • better meet your all obligations,

  • reduce risk, and

  • build greater stakeholder trust.

After you complete this scorecard we will schedule a free orientation session with one of our risk & compliance experts to help you quickly identify areas of improvement. You don't need to be part of the 75% that are uncertain. Join the 25% that are by completing the Proactive Certainty Scorecard™ today.

The Proactive Certainty Scorecard™ is applicable to all risk & compliance domains including: Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental, Security, Process & Pipeline Safety, Regulatory, Data Privacy, Ethics and Legal, Financial, Corporate Risk, Supply Chain Risk, and overall Risk and Compliance.

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