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The Proactive Side of Compliance: Operational Governance

The Proactive Side of Compliance: Operational Governance
The Proactive Side of Compliance: Operational Governance

Compliance is all about staying between the lines and ahead of risk. This requires organizations be proactive and integrative with their compliance. This is best accomplished by having effective Operational Governance – the proactive side of compliance.

In this blog post, we explore three essential functions of Operational Governance that will enable organizations to stay on mission, on budget, and on-side.

Compliance Operational Model
Compliance Operational Model

Provide Vision and Direction:

At the heart of effective Operational Governance lies a clear vision and direction. By defining where we are going and the path we are taking, we can set the destination that will guide our every decision and action.

A compelling vision not only inspires and motivates employees but also provides a shared purpose that aligns their efforts towards a common goal. Effective leaders must communicate this vision consistently and ensure it resonates throughout the organization, empowering teams to make decisions that steer them towards the desired future.

Align Operational Objectives with Organizational Values:

To stay between the lines and avoid straying off course, operational objectives must be closely aligned with the core values and principles that define the organization. This alignment acts as a compass, guiding decision-making processes and ensuring that every action taken is consistent with the overall mission and vision.

By integrating values into operational strategies, organizations can create a strong ethical foundation that not only mitigates risks but also strengthens trust among stakeholders. An unwavering commitment to organizational values cultivates a culture of integrity, excellence, and accountability.

Regulate Organizational Capabilities, Behaviours, and Practices to Deliver Value:

The pursuit of protecting and ensuring value necessitates a vigilant focus on continuously regulating and refining capabilities, behaviours, and practices. By proactively identifying gaps and shortcomings, organizations can implement targeted measures to enhance their performance and deliver sustainable value.

Effective Operational Governance demands a systematic evaluation of internal processes, the establishment of robust controls, and the development of best practices that streamline operations and maximize efficiency. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, organizations can proactively adapt to emerging challenges and seize opportunities that propel them closer to their defined destination.


In a rapidly changing business environment, Operational Governance is not a luxury but a necessity. By providing vision and direction, aligning operational objectives with values, and regulating capabilities and practices, organizations can stay between the lines and mitigate risks that may jeopardize their success.

It is through these deliberate actions that organizations can forge a path towards sustained growth, cultivate a culture of excellence, and secure their position as leaders in their respective industries. Embrace the power of Operational Governance, and watch your organization flourish as you confidently navigate the journey ahead.



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