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Is Your Compliance Map Outdated?

When it comes to operationalizing obligations, compliance must understand how operations and organizational structures work together to turn strategy into total value.

This will look different across industry sectors, but each will have an operational model that must be understood to know where promises must be kept to meet external and internal obligations.

The following maps are helpful to identify where these places are:

  1. Total Value Chain Map

  2. Organizational Model

  3. Locations / Facility Map

  4. IT / Data Map

  5. Supplier Matrix

  6. Stakeholder Map

  7. Decision Rights Map

  8. Program / Systems Map

  9. Management Calendar

  10. SIPOC

  11. Capability Map

  12. Obligation / Promise Owner Map

along with several others.

The Operating Model Canvas book is a good place to start understanding operating models from which you can identify where compliance needs to fit.

Operationing Model Canvas
Operationing Model Canvas

If you need help to update your compliance map, consider joining The Proactive Certainty Program. This program helps you transform your compliance to achieve higher levels of operability and effectiveness.

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