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The Proactive Certainty Challenge

UPDATED - May 17, 2020

Knowing how to manage in the presence of uncertainty is a skill that is in short supply, but also something you can learn. We developed The Proactive Certainty Program™ to help organizations just like yours be more proactive with their compliance in response to changes in regulations and standards towards performance and outcome-based objectives.  Most industries have adopted Vision Zero targets such as: zero emissions, zero violations, zero harm, zero fatalities, and others. Prescriptive regulatory designs are seen as no longer enough to make progress against these targets. Instead, companies will need to develop their own approaches to advance their capabilities using risk-based and continuous improvement approaches. Effective organizations benefit from incorporating risk, lean and performance management into their risk & compliance programs to make progress against their quality, safety, security, environmental and regulatory objectives. It starts by deciding to be proactive which is a countermeasure to reactive behaviors caused by uncertainty and made worse by a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. To help you be more proactive we are offering free memberships to the Proactive Certainty Program™.

COVID-19 Membership Package (FREE)

The package includes membership in The Proactive Certainty Program™ where you will have access to: The Lord of The Risks Workshop (3 Hours) - Project Success in the Presence of Uncertainty To increase the probability of  project and mission success we need to manage in the presence of uncertainty. This content is for project managers and PMOs who are responsible to ensure that critical projects continue and are successful:

  • 5 Principles of Project Success (Intro) - Video

  • What is Uncertainty and Risk? - Video

  • 5 Immutable Principles of Project Success - Video

  • How to Estimate Project Uncertainty and Implement Effective Risk Measures - Video

The Effective Compliance Workshop (4 Hours) To advance performance and outcome-based obligations we need to be proactive. This content is for department managers, and directors who are responsible to ensure that risk & compliance efforts including quality, safety, security, environmental, and regulatory continue to make progress against vision zero targets:

  • 10 Rules for Effective Compliance - Video

  • Compliance at the Speed of Risk - Video

  • A Framework for Effective Compliance - Video

  • A Proactive Approach for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) - Video

The Systems Thinking Workshop (5 Hours)

To improve management system outcomes you need to apply systems thinking

A curated list of videos on Systems Thinking including related blog posts and articles applying systems thinking to compliance.

The Business Recovery Workshop (2 Hours) - Coming soon

Transition from CRISIS to RECOVERY by learning how to create a risk-based business recovery plan.

As the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions begin all around the world, companies are starting to transition to a next normal for their business. This requires an effective business recovery plan that:

  • Re-imagines what normal looks like

  • Safely restarts operations

  • Recovers business that was lost

  • Reinforces defenses against future uncertainty

This is an opportunity for risk & compliance to be at the table to lead and coordinate efforts to improve the probability of mission success. In addition, you will have access to the following templates and resources: This content includes helpful templates and worksheets that are risk-based and appropriate for improving projects, systems, and processes:

  • Lean A3 Obligation Template (Risk adjusted)

  • Lean X-Matrix-Compass Template (based on the 10 Principles for Effective Compliance)

  • Lean Bow-Tie Analysis Template

  • Lean Project Charter Template

  • Lean Compliance Beetle Template (risk-adjusted version of the Quality Turtle Diagrams)

  • Lean A3 PDCA Template

  • Lean Project Pre-mortem Canvas Template

  • Lean Risk Scenario Pre-mortem Canvas Template

  • Lean Compliance Poster

  • Lean Compliance - Why Compliance Needs to Change - White Paper

All of this content and resources are available as part of joining The Proactive Certainty Program™ which we are offering for FREE to help you be more proactive. And that's not all! For those who are involved with achieving quality, safety, security, environmental, and regulatory objectives we are also providing a:

  • Free 90 Minute Compliance Mapping Session

after completing the Proactive Certainty Scorecard This evaluation helps you identify where you are on the proactive/reactive scale and what areas to improve. How to get your free membership If you currently are a subscriber (or not) this is your time to become a member and take advantage of these free resources made available as part of the COVID-19 Membership Package. To sign up for the COVID-19 Membership Package all you need to do is register by clicking this link.

After you register you will have access to 7 hours of training, valuable resources, and a free evaluation of one of your compliance programs.  So take the Proactive Certainty Challenge and fight the reactive effects of uncertainty. Be Safe Be Proactive.



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