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The Environmental Golden Thread

An effective program results in changed outcomes.

Therefore, for an environmental program to be effective it must perform in such a way so that outcomes are continually advanced towards the overall goal – community sustainability in the case of municipalities.

For that to happen each pillar and the system as-a-whole must be operational. This means all essential parts working together to produce what no part can create on its own.

We need a golden thread so to speak that runs through each environmental pillar that holds them altogether and defines what is essential for the pillar and the entire program to be operational and effective.

As a current reference, The UK last year passed regulation requiring a golden information thread for building safety. This is a digital thread that will provide assurance during a buildings life-cycle that what should have been done was done.

The environmental golden thread approach is an extension of this same thinking.

It will provide leadership and management with the status of the environmental program, level of risk, and where investments might or need to be made across and through each pillar of their environmental program.

Many do not have these tools but they are needed to advance environmental outcomes.

As Elihayu Goldratt (father of Theory of Constraints) has said:

"Partial implementation of a holistic approach is an oxymoron"

An environmental golden thread can help ensure your environmental efforts produce more than the sum of your action plans.

You can download a copy of our presentation from our recent webinar on the Environmental Golden Thread using the following link:

LC-The Environmental Golden Thread-v3-reduced
Download PDF • 5.73MB

If you are interested in learning more about how Lean Compliance can help you with your environmental efforts please book a 30 minute call with us:



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