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Mismatched Systems

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The administration problem is primarily that of reducing uncertainty within the organizational system (Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Process - 1978). Solving it involves more than simply rationalizing systems and processes already developed (uncertainty reduction); it also involves formulating and implementing those processes which will enable the organization to continue to advance outcomes.

This necessarily impacts how risk & compliance systems are implemented. For managed compliance programs (i.e. safety, quality, environmental, regulatory) to be effective they must align with the specific goals, objectives, and strategies of the organization. These will be different based on each organizational type: Defender, Prospector, and Analyzer.

Each type will also influence your approach to meeting obligations. Any mismatches in systems architecture will end up hindering the advancement of both business and compliance outcomes.

Which organizational type best matches your business posture? Does your approach to risk & compliance align with this posture?

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