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If Compliance Was Like Star Trek

Effectiveness: the final frontier. These are the voyages of USS Integrity, our continuing mission to meet and advance stakeholder obligations. To seek out new levels of performance and new standards. To boldly go where no organization has gone before.

Ships Capabilities ...

  • STAR-FLEET (board of directors) - identify corporate risk and commission compliance missions.

  • STAR-FLEET DATABASE (obligations & risk register) - register of stakeholder obligations, risks, and corporate objectives.

  • OFFICERS (CEO, corporate officers) - accountable for achieving compliance mission success.

  • BRIDGE (management, steering committees) - plan, execute, and monitor compliance effectiveness and performance.

  • COMMAND (management) - execute projects, initiatives, and tasks to achieve compliance objectives.

  • CREW (staff, contractors) - provide skill, talent, and capability to meet compliance objectives.

  • THRUSTERS (risk & compliance programs) - provide capabilities to move forward and stay on course.

  • ENGINEERING (risk & compliance specialists, lean, etc.) - maintain risk & compliance measures running at peak efficiencies.

  • MAINTENANCE (reliability and preventative programs, integrity management) - maintain the health of the organization.

  • MEDICAL BAY (health and safety, first responders, primary care) - maintain health of crew.

  • STELLAR CARTOGRAPHY (obligations map) - map the regulatory compliance terrain, organizational goals, outcomes and objectives.

  • HELM (management) - plot course to higher standards while avoiding obstacles and taking advantage of opportunities.

  • NAVIGATION (balanced scorecard, KPIs) - maintain course, stay between the lines

  • SHIELDS (resiliency, integrity, margin, safety, etc) - protect organization and staff against threats and obstacles.

  • ESCAPE PODS (emergency response) - save crew in case of emergency

  • TACTICAL (risk and compliance measures) - defend crew and organization against threats and pursue opportunities.

  • SHIPS LIBRARY (document management) - database of regulations, standards, policies, procedures.

  • ALERT STATUS (change management) - adapt to changes in objectives, terrain, threat levels.

  • AWAY MISSIONS (Gemba, investigations) - first contact, reconnaissance

  • LONG RANGE SENSORS (leading indicators) - threat detection

  • MISSION LOG (records management) - add to and update knowledge base

Act 1, Scene 1

USS Integrity ready to leave space dock after making needed repairs ...

Captain's quarters ...

Captain makes log entry:

Star Date: now

Our last incident almost took us out. We lost some of our crew and star fleet is unsure we can complete our next mission. Work is proceeding on the USS Integrity as the crew completes needed repairs and modifications. Will they be enough? Will our defences hold this time? They must. The galaxy is depending on us to succeed.

Bridge hails the Captain:

This is Spock. Repairs completed captain.

Captain responds:

Do we have any problems with compliance?

Spock responds:

Compliance presents no problem.

Captain speaks:

Then, Mr. Spock. Let us comply.

and let's hope we don't run into any auditors.





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