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Compliance Implementation Methodologies

When it comes to compliance many organizations never get past "shall" statements let alone achieve any measure of effectiveness from their compliance efforts.

Why does this happen?

We have observed over several years that the way compliance management systems are implemented is a significant factor to why benefits are not realized. The traditional approach typically follows a progression of capability maturity that include steps such as: initial, repeatable, defined, capable (managed), and efficient (optimizing). Some may have a final step labelled as "effective."

No wonder benefits are seldom realized. It takes too long to reach effectiveness any many never even get close. Even when they do what has been implemented ends up taking on a life of its own diverting resources to maintenance and corrective measures.

That's why we recommend a better approach so you can achieve better outcomes from your efforts sooner and faster. This approach is based on the Lean Startup methodology where compliance always is operational which means all essential functions, behaviours and interactions exist and are working together at levels sufficient to produce a measure of effectiveness – the outcomes of compliance.

With each progression the minimum level of capabilities are added to produce the next level of outcomes. This reduces waste, risk, and overall complexity.

Compliance Implementation Methodologies
Compliance Implementation Methodologies

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