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Don't Settle for Fractional Improvements

Fractional Improvements

Taiichi Ohno, the father of LEAN, taught about the removal of waste, standard work, and continuous flow. However, that is only part of his story.

He also taught that the production leader is the one who "breaks" the standard. When you make an improvement, you take out your very best person from line. It is what that person did next that is so amazing.

These freed up resources would work on further improvements, that resulted in even more people removed from the line. In the end, he would have enough people to start an entire second production line.

Instead of fractional improvements he was able to double his capacity.

Now, imagine if you could do the same for compliance.

You would also reduce waste, standardize work, and streamline the work flow. However, that too would only be part of what is possible.

Freed-up resources from the reactive side of compliance would be moved over to the proactive side. They could anticipate changes, address root causes, and introduce new capabilities to always stay in compliance.

If you did this, you could also end up doubling your capacity to meet your compliance obligations.

And we know, this is the kind of improvement needed if companies are to meet all their mandatory and voluntary commitments today and to continue to meet them in the future.

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