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4 R's of Continuous Performance

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

The purpose of a compliance management system is to maintain state which is achieved through consistency, reduction of variation, and achieving objectives.

However, the purpose of a compliance management program is to change the state or condition with respect to compliance outcomes. This is achieved by adjusting the underlying systems to improve performance and maintain a higher standard.

Continually advancing performance is required to meet "persistent achievement" obligations specified by performance / outcome-based regulations and standards.

In order to continually advance quality, safety, environmental and regulatory outcomes there are 4 changes you must continually make:

  1. Re-orient policies to support continual advancement of outcomes

  2. Re-calibrate values to match the outcomes that will be achieved

  3. Re-engineer systems to create the capabilities needed to reach new performance targets

  4. Re-align processes to achieve compliance objectives

4 R's of Continuous Performance


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