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How Do You Feel About Compliance?

How Do You Feel About Compliance

When it comes to practising compliance it often feels like driving a car, or more precisely a standard (small pun intended), one with a gear shift and a clutch.

My first car was a standard, and I remember what it was like to use a clutch, watch where I was going, and steer the car to avoid hitting anyone – all at the same time. It was overwhelming, at least at first.

You definitely wonder if it might be better to just focus on one thing, to make it simpler and less overwhelming. Perhaps, just focus on the brakes - that should be enough?

But will it really be enough to get you from where you are now to where you want to go?

The answer is no.

You need to learn all that’s essential for you to drive, and that means learning how things work together not just on their own. And this can only be learned by practising them at the same time.

This same question should be asked of compliance when it comes to meeting obligations.

Is focusing on the parts of compliance really enough to get you from where you are now to where you need be with your obligations?

For compliance to be successful, you also need to practice everything that’s needed – all at the same time. We need to master how to drive the whole compliance system – not just how to work the parts.

And yes, it will feel like driving a standard.

However, in time, driving compliance will become second nature and you will focus more on the journey and what destinations you might visit rather than on the different parts of the system and the dynamics of driving.

You will start to experience the benefits of compliance.

And this will feel very different.

You will look forward with anticipation to the benefits you will experience because you have learned how to successfully drive compliance towards targeted outcomes. And you will be filled with assurance rather than anxiety knowing that you have what it takes to make it happen.

This may sound like a luxury or a nice to have, but it is a necessity for those where compliance failure means mission failure.

When it comes to getting to where we want to go we expect to use an entire car, and learn how to drive so that it delivers what’s promised. Not a luxury, but what’s expected.

Why don’t we expect the same from our compliance?

Why are we not expecting and using the entire program, and learn how to drive it so that it delivers what's promised – all the commitments we have made associated with all our obligations?

We can feel differently about our compliance. We can feel assurance (confidence and certainty) rather than anxiety (unease and worry).

But we first need to learn how to drive.



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