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Knowledge To Help Elevate Your Compliance

Compliance Compass To Make Certain You Are Always in Compliance

The Hoshin Kanri method is a popular LEAN approach used to align strategy with outcomes. It uses what is called an X-Matrix that functions as a compass to ensure that all planned effort is working towards long term priorities and principles. The X-matrix is oriented in the following way:

  • North: guiding principles, priorities or goals

  • South: long term outcomes, results, or breakthrough objectives

  • West: short term objectives, initiatives, or actions

  • East: processes or metrics to improve

The corners are used to map the correlation or contribution between each component of the matrix starting at the bottom and working your way around clock-wise.

This is a great time of the year to get out your compliance compass and make sure that your plans are working towards better compliance. To help you do just that we created the following X-Matrix using The 10 Principles of Effective Compliance as the basis to guide initiatives towards better compliance outcomes:

Lean Compliance X-Matrix Map

This compliance compass is available in XLS formats here.

May it guide your path and help you make certain that you are always in compliance.

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