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10 Things I Learned About Compliance

Updated: Jul 22

The following is a list of 10 things that I learned about compliance that may not be well known to those outside of compliance or even those who are compliance veterans.

1. Compliance protects value and makes certain it is created.
2. Compliance does not hinder innovation, it creates the opportunity for it.
3. Uncertainty is the root cause of all risk - negative and positive.
4. Risk that really matters are the ones connected with goals and objectives.
5. Risk-adjusted plans improve the probability of success in the presence of uncertainty not in spite of it.
6. LEAN reduces waste to create capacity for more value.
7. Governance provides oversight and actively steers towards better outcomes.
8. Compliance culture is built with actions not only by what we believe.
9. Taking ownership of obligations is a prerequisite for compliance success.
10. Keeping promises is the best way to ensure obligations are always met.

And one more ..

The "C" in compliance stands for care because where there is care you will find safety, security, sustainability, quality, and other compliance outcomes.

What have you learned about compliance?

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