Transform your quality, safety, security, environmental, risk and regulatory systems to achieve program effectiveness supporting performance and outcome-based obligations.

Improve your pipeline safety performance by adopting a Pipeline SMS  using API RP 1173 sooner and faster than traditional approaches.

The Effective Pipeline Safety Program™

Rapidly assess, analyze and prioritize your efforts to adapt your existing systems to the new normal so you can continue to meet your stakeholder obligations and improve your resiliency to future changes.

The Compliance Resiliency Program™

Learn important skills and knowledge to help you eliminate waste, reduce risk and  advance compliance outcomes over time.

Lean Compliance Academy™

When it comes to compliance driven operational processes, continual improvement moves workgroups from best efforts to best outcomes.  LEAN Compliance enabled my team to clarify performance based outcomes, identify associated metrics that properly ‘steer the ship’ and that assist in mitigating risk.  This new found understanding has resulted in fresh ideas from the team that has translated to greater efficiencies, commitments to effectiveness and an excitement around continual improvement.  It is the positive change in customer reactions that tell it all…

something that would delight any leader!

Sandra Brunet, BSc., Manager of Environmental Operations, City of Barrie

Quality, Safety, Security, Environmental and Regulatory