We help you take a proactive and systems approach to compliance so you can stay ahead of risk and receive the benefits from always being in compliance.

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The Compliance Problem

Based on our experience working with hundreds of organizations we learned that many take a silo-ed and reactive approach to meeting their obligations.


They also wait until they have been audited or for a serious incident to occur before they improve their compliance.

As a result, over time their risk increase, obligations  are not met, and they lose the trust of their stakeholders.  Some may even lose their business.

We call this The Reactive Uncertainty Trap™.  

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What Compliance Needs

What we have also learned is that you can escape this trap if you take a proactive and systems approach to compliance.​ 


This leads to lower risk, meeting more obligations, and gaining greater trust from stakeholders improving the probability of mission success.

To  escape the trap and realize these benefits we recommend you do three things:

  1. Take ownership of all your obligations ; don't wait for an auditor to tell you what to do.

  2. Establish real-time systems that always let you know the status of your compliance and risk.

  3. Implement processes that always keep you in compliance.

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The Escape Plan

To help you escape The Reactive Uncertainty Trap™ we offer two choices: basic and advanced:


  • For the basic, we can provide you with compliance consulting services. Of course, you can get the basic from many other consultants. 


It's important to point out that you don't need to give up any existing consultants to join the advanced program.

Our advanced program is not for everyone. It's for ethical and ambitious organizations who are future-oriented and strive to always improve their performance.

If this sounds like your organization you may want to consider joining The Proactive Certainty  Program™.  

To help you decide if this program is right for you we offer the first step at no cost.


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