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How to Benefit from AI Technology

We are really bad at adopting new technology. What we are worse at is exploiting new technology. - Eliyahu Goldratt

Achieving Breakthrough Benefits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the promise of improving efficiency along with many other things some good, some bad, and some good with the bad.

Some organizations will adopt AI and receive incremental benefits associated with increased efficiencies. However, others will not only adopt this technology they will exploit it and receive multiple benefits that compound over time.

Eliyahu Goldratt (Father of Theory of Constraints) offers 4 questions to help you transform your operations using technology including AI.

The key is first understanding the power the new technology offers.

How to Benefit from AI Technology
How to Benefit from AI Technology

Ensuring Responsible Use

Knowing how to use this technology in a manner that provides benefit while keeping risk below acceptable levels is what is most needed now.

And when it comes to risk, waiting until something bad happens before improving is not the best strategy. That's why we recommend organizations consider the following three questions with respect to their use of AI technologies:

  • Is our code of ethics adequate to address the practice of AI technology in our organization?

  • What policies, standards or guidelines should be established or amended to ensure our responsible use of AI systems?

  • What should we do differently to protect stakeholders from the negative effects of our use of AI technologies?

We encourage you to consider answering these questions carefully and thoughtfully as they will serve to guide your adoption of AI technologies and systems.

Should you need help to work through these questions and building out a Responsible AI program for your organization please reach out to us. Our advanced program is uniquely suited to help you take a proactive and integrative approach to meeting obligations that include those associated with responsible AI.



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