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Whether you need a refresher or ready to learn your next set of skills you can achieve both through our on-line learning platform.

This is for anyone at any level who is involved in operational risk management or compliance programs.

  • On-boarding session

  • Access to over 60 Lean / Six Sigma  training modules covering white to black belt certification developed by world class experts.

  • Exclusive access to training modules covering Effective Compliance principles and practices.

  • Customized learning path to your selected level of certification.

  • Ability to learn at your own pace.

  • Access to community forum.



The compliance landscape has changed. Effectiveness is  the new measure of compliance and requires new capabilities focused on risk, performance and continual improvement.


The question that organizations now face is what does compliance effectiveness look like and how do you get there?

This advanced workshop will help your team develop a roadmap to achieve effective compliance covering: quality, safety & security, environmental, regulatory, and ethical objectives.

Topics include:

  • A conceptual framework for regulation

  • Obligations taxonomy based on the four types of regulation

  • Management Systems - Theory of Operation

  • Measures of Effectiveness, Performance, and Conformance

  • Roadmap to Effective Compliance

  • A balanced scorecard to navigate and stay on course



In the new digital economy companies need to move beyond the old factory model and embrace new factory thinking.

This workshop is designed for businesses who are looking for new ways to add value by leveraging digital technologies.

Participants complete a 5-step process to develop their own digital transformation plan that advances their strategic objectives.

  • Evaluate your business vision, mission, and operating model

  • Create a balanced scorecard for growth

  • Identify threats and opportunities

  • Map digital strategies to identified objectives

  • Evaluate your capabilities against digital strategies

  • Develop a transformation roadmap


Business success depends on the successful completion of projects and this means contending with uncertainty and risks.


This advanced skills development workshop will help your team understand the principles of project success and learn how to apply continual risk management to their projects.

  • Learn how to apply the 5 Immutable Principles of Project Success to your projects.

  • Identify and contend with risks before they happen.

  • Discover and explore tools & techniques to support continual risk management throughout your projects.


The alignment of IT with business outcomes is essential for companies to succeed in the digital age. IT governance provides this function by navigating IT systems and processes to continually add value, improve productivity, and protect the value chain.

Participants of this program over the course of 4-workshops will develop a risk-adjusted balanced scorecard for their organization as a means to steer IT performance, improvements and digital transformation.

These workshops are based on the works by Robert Kaplan, Geoffrey A. Moore, Michael E. Porter and Glen B. Alleman.

  • Evaluate your business vision, mission, and operating model

  • Identify threats and opportunities

  • Map existing strategies to identified objectives

  • Evaluate your capabilities against strategies

  • Create a risk-adjusted balanced scorecard for enterprise IT

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