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Transform Your Compliance

We help compliance program owners go from being anxious, reactive, and unsure about meeting all their obligations and stakeholder commitments to being confident, proactive, and certain that they will so that their businesses can enjoy greater stakeholder trust and reputation in the marketplace.

Based on our experience working with hundreds of organizations we learned that many take a reactive and silo-ed approach to compliance. They declare compliance, but are unsure that their efforts are effective. They also wait until audited or for a serious incident to occur before they improve their compliance.


They are caught in The Reactive Uncertainty Trap™.


In this state, finances are diverted to close gaps and patch holes in hopes that it will be enough which it seldom is. ​This creates a vicious cycle of non-conformance where assurance decreases, outcomes are not realized, and stakeholder trust diminishes over time. Everyone works hard unknowingly they might be one mishap, one violation, or one incident away from mission failure.

The Proactive Certainty Program

What we also learned is you can escape this trap if you take a proactive and integrative approach to compliance.​ Organizations that do, anticipate, plan, and act to ensure they keep their promises associated with all their obligations often with the resources they already have.


This is the outcome of The Proactive Certainty Program™


In this state, finances are re-allocated to always stay between the lines and ahead of risk creating a virtuous cycle of conformance where assurance increases, outcomes are realized, and stakeholder trust grows over time.  Everyone works with confidence they are operating far from the edge of mission failure.

Transform Your Compliance


To escape the trap we recommend that you:

  • Take ownership of all your obligations,

  • Establish real-time systems to monitor compliance and risk, and

  • Intentionally improve the certainty of meeting all your obligations over time.


We provide two options to help you succeed: basic and advanced.


While many other consultants can provide you with basic compliance services, our advanced program - The Proactive Certainty Program™ -  only available from us, takes everything to a much higher level, and you don't need to give up any existing consultants or management standards to join.


The Proactive Certainty Program™ is not for everyone. It's designed for ethical organizations who take their obligations seriously, and desire to continuously raise their standards.

The Proactive Certainty Process™

The Proactive Certainty Program™  is designed to help you achieve compliance operability – an essential characteristic of effective compliance – faster and sooner than traditional approaches.


Operability is the extent by which the compliance function is fit for purpose, able to achieve compliance and realize the benefits from being in compliance. IA minimum level of operability known as Minimum Viable Compliance (MVC) is necessary before actual benefits can be realized.

The Proactive Certainty Program™  follows a four-step process:


1. ORIENT: quickly assess your compliance situation and identify areas of risk and improvement.

2. MAP: learn as you assess, analysis, and create your road map towards minimal viable compliance.

3. OPERATIONALIZE: implement essential functions, behaviours and interactions.

4. ELEVATE: continually improve your compliance effectiveness over time.


The first step is offered at no cost to help you quickly assess your compliance situation and decide if this program is right for you.

1. Orient

The first step, which is offered for free, is where we help you assess your compliance situation and identify areas of risk and improvement.

At the end of this step, you’ll have a clear understanding of your compliance situation and actionable steps you can take to improve your compliance. We will also decide together if this program is the right fit for your organization.


By completing The Proactive Certainty Scorecard™ and joining us for a hands-on working session (60 minutes) you'll quickly learn what is holding you back from realizing better outcomes. We will also decide together if this program is right for you.

2. Map

This step is where you learn essential concepts and principles as you create your road map towards operational and effective compliance.

During this 13-week engagement your team will be actively involved in learning, charting, and developing a road map to meet all your obligations and keep all your promises associated with your program.


3. Operationalize

This step is where you build what ‘s essential to operationalize your obligations.


Your team will establish essential functions, behaviours, and interactions so that you achieve Minimal Viable Compliance (MVC) and start enjoying the benefits that come from staying between the lines and ahead of risk.

Operational Compliance Model

4. Elevate

This step focuses on continual improvement which requires raising the bar to new heights of operability and effectiveness.


This means more than incremental improvements. To advance compliance outcomes you need to advance compliance capabilities.  That’s why this step is a game changer.  It takes everything to the next level.

Operational Compliance - Primer

"For Compliance to be Effective,

It Must First be Operational."

Download our Free

Operational Compliance - Primer


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