Digital Transformation Strategy Workshop

Workshop Description:

Digital technologies impact every part of our business. The question is whether we will wait for it to disrupt our business or will we instead harness the power of digital technology to transform our businesses to better meet our goals and objectives.


This advanced workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their resilience against disruption and see their businesses grow. You do not need to know or understand how digital technology works. What you do need to know is your business and desire for it to thrive in the digital economy.

Our workshop takes advantage of works by leading thought leaders including: Bill Bishop (The New Factory Thinker), Geoffrey A. Moore (Zone to Win, Crossing the Chasm), Michael E. Porter (Competitive Advantage), Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton (The Balanced Scorecard), and Glen B. Alleman (Performance-based Project Management).

We combined the essential concepts and approaches from each into a single process that can be easily followed. Bring your vision and mission statements and walk away with your own actionable, risk-adjusted digital transformation strategy.




Participants attending this workshop will learn how to develop a digital transformation plan to mitigate their #1 threat and exploit their #1 opportunity using digital technologies.




Participants complete a 5-step process to develop their own transformation plan to take advantage of digital technologies:

  • Evaluate your business vision, mission, and operating model

  • Create a balanced scorecard for growth

  • Identify threats and opportunities

  • Map digital strategies to identified objectives

  • Evaluate your capabilities against digital strategies

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What others have said about our workshop:

"We now have a framework to evaluate our business and determine how digital technology can help us succeed"

"I really enjoyed the workshop and found myself energized as you walked us through it"

"High level yet very practical."

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