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  • Taming the Dragon of Uncertainty

    Most threats are a manifestation of uncertainty which is the root cause of risk (ISO 31000). When risk behaves mostly like aleatory uncertainty (random, chaotic, complex): Assume the threat is serious Accept that negative outcomes may happen Treat uncertainty by buying down risk Develop capabilities to working toward taming the dragon of uncertainty. More articles on dragons, uncertainty and risk can be found here

  • Anatomy of Compliance Risk

    Everything happens in the presence of uncertainty, and this uncertainty creates the opportunity for risk

  • A New Year and A New Framework for Risk Management

    The Game of Snakes and Ladders Risk as we now understand it is a manifestation of uncertainty which has of uncertainty on objectives. of uncertainty on mission objectives. However, there were organizational hazards, uncertainties, and associated risk. contend with uncertainty.

  • Does Compliance Need an Incident Management System?

    In the presence of significant uncertainty in a COVID-19 pandemic world what should organizations now ahead of effects of uncertainty. However, they also provide insights for others who are experiencing higher levels of uncertainty and This requires awareness of the effects of uncertainty (c.f. Summary: COVID-19 has created significant disruption and uncertainty across the world, across communities

  • Finding Good Dragons

    Compliance at its core is about contending with risk. The way we think about risk is a significant factor to our effectiveness at contending with uncertainty However if we do not pursue the positive effects of uncertainty we will not create value; and at most The first step to finding good dragons is developing a habit to notice them. in the Presence of Uncertainty Lord of the Risks - The Two Towers: Productivity and Compliance

  • Are Your Risk Measures Valid?

    identify waste to eliminate or reduce in the creation of value whereas the former helps to identify uncertainty in on barriers which in other industries are called Risk Measures. applicable to general risk management including compliance. Without understanding the causal nature of risk it is impossible to effectively prevent risk from occurring As a result it is no wonder that risk registers rarely contain the risks that really matter with measures

  • Are You Neglecting Your Compliance Boundary?

    that what is considered as internal or external will have more to do with who is accountable for the risk

  • Surprise me now, surprise me later, but never say I am not surprised.

    When it comes to risk & compliance no one wants to be surprised. To avoid the surprise of not being surprised organizations need to ensure that their risk management

  • Manage Legal Risk with ISO 31022:2020

    Earlier this year (May 2020) the International Standards Organization (ISO) published their legal risk which has focused on "loss prevention" to the ISO 31000 definition which focuses on the "effects of uncertainty This opens up risk consideration to both negative and positive effects of uncertainty on value creation Note 4: Risk from non-contractual obligations is the risk that an organization’s behavior and decision-making the risks that are contained within it.

  • The Taxonomy of an Obligation

    ) How best to improve compliance What level of investment to make What is at stake and the level of risk organizations may elect to use a combination of the four regulatory designs based on the nature of the risks Compliance analysts should be aware of this when they identify obligations and evaluate compliance risk

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