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LEAN when applied properly is an effective measure to improve the probability of mission success.

Lean Risk
Lean Risk

All the waste that LEAN seeks to eliminate is caused by the same thing: uncertainty, and this uncertainty creates the opportunity for risk – the true waste that threatens mission success.

Here are a few examples of how this happens:

  1. We create defects because of uncertainty associated with process capabilities, standards, and work practices.

  2. We conduct excess processing because of uncertainty associated with what is only needed - what is value add and what is not.

  3. We over produce because of uncertain production requirements.

  4. We wait because of uncertainty associated with: process control, equipment reliability, or maintenance activities.

  5. We create excess inventory because of uncertain demand requirements and external risk

  6. We transport more than necessary because of logistics uncertainty.

  7. We move more than necessary because of uncertainty associated with work procedures and standards.

  8. We have non-utilized talent because we are uncertain of the skills people have and how best to use them.

If you want to eliminate waste, eliminate uncertainty first.



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