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Ideal Compliance

This is the perfect time of year to evaluate your compliance programs and make adjustments so that you achieve your objectives. However, to make that assessment you need to know where you are heading and then you can consider what paths will help and which ones to avoid.

To help with your assessment here is a list of characteristics of what an Ideal Compliance Program might or even should look like.

An Ideal Compliance Program will:

  • Focus on outcomes

  • Define comprehensive, clear and concise obligations

  • Specify unambiguous goals and objectives

  • Utilize standards to ensure normative behaviors

  • Embed compliance to always keep you out of danger

  • Be friction-less (doesn't add drag to your work processes)

  • Effectively meet all required and voluntary obligations

  • Consistently perform to your higher standards

  • Easily adapt to meet new compliance obligations

  • Implement systems that always keep you in compliance

  • Be ethical, transparent, and have a high-degree of integrity

  • Always improve

Compliance is not just what you do at the end of everything else. It is instead, a competency that you improve over time to ensure that you achieve your business outcomes.


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