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For Compliance to Change It Must Raise Its Standard

Compliance Must Raise Its Standard
Compliance Must Raise Its Standard

Compliance in many circles is viewed as a solved problem. Organizations declare their compliance by attestation, verified by internal audits, and confirmed by external audits. Any gaps are quickly closed to sustain a status of “In Compliance.” What is there then left to do?

However, for many organizations, the scope of obligations that determine “In Compliance” consist only of legal requirements. Obligations that fall under voluntary, ethical, social, or even what is beneficial to an organization are left out of consideration.

These other obligations arise from commitments to sustainability, safety, security, quality, environmental, and other strategic outcomes. They have more to do with buying down risk, meeting industry targets, and advancing better outcomes than just adherence to prescriptive rules, legal or otherwise.

To meet the broader set of obligations requires intentional and sustained effort where measures of performance and effectiveness define success rather than only measures of conformance.

Unfortunately, the impetus to pursue an operational approach is hard to find when you believe you are already “In Compliance”, confirmed by audits and certified by standards organizations.

For compliance to change it must raise its standard.

That’s why we created Lean TCM (Total Compliance Management) to help organizations raise their compliance standards to meet all their obligations and keep all their promises connected with rules, standards, targets, and outcomes. From legal requirements to ESG commitments and everywhere in between.

This transformation starts when you decide to raise your standards,

which can begin today.

The sooner you decide, the sooner you experience the benefits that come from always staying between the lines and ahead of risk.

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