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Lean Compliance - Operational Compliance - Primer


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Lean Compliance - Operational Compliance - Primer

In my years working within the compliance landscape, I've come to realize that it's not just about ticking boxes or adhering to regulations; it's about Care. Those dedicated to compliance genuinely care about the impact of their work, yet there's often a gap between that care and realizing the benefits from all their hard work.

This primer takes a step back from the technical nitty-gritty and regulatory complexities— there are plenty of experts and resources for that. Instead, it offers an insightful overview of how operational compliance is achieved and, more importantly, how you can harness compliance programs to drive positive outcomes: enhanced safety protocols, fortified security measures, sustainable practices, reduced environmental impact, assured quality standards, and the cultivation of trust with stakeholders.

I hope you find this primer to be an insightful guide on the topic of Operational Compliance – not a luxury, but a necessity for effective compliance.

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Download PDF
  • 28 mars 2024, 13 h 00 – 14 h 30 HAE
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    Join us as we spotlight the pivotal role of Compliance Programs in bridging the gap between governance and management systems. Discover how leadership intentions materialize into actionable management realities, steering your operational objectives towards better organizational outcomes.
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