Compliance Kaizen

Interventions to help you reach your goals


Overcome your priority obstacle fast

Is your process not delivering the outcomes you need? This package will help identify problems and associated risks, engage in problem solving, and develop a problem improvement plan using A3 process using risk-based thinking.


This package includes:


  • Initial Consult 

  • Process Review / Analysis with Recommendations

  • Problem Solving

  • A3 Process / Risk-based Thinking

  • Daily Coaching Sessions


Engagement - 1 Week


Overcome obstacles, remove waste, and improve outcomes

This package goes beyond working through one problem and instead looks at an entire process and corresponding system. We will work with you to analyze your existing process and data, identify sources of waste and provide best practice recommendations. 


This package includes:


  • Extended Consult

  • Program Alignment Review

  • Process and Data Review / Analysis with Recommendations

  • SIPOC Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis / Risk Assessment

  • Problem Solving
  • Compliance Improvement Plan
  • Coaching Sessions during Engagement


Engagement - 4 Weeks


Develop your playbook for proactive and continuous compliance

Assess your compliance program and determine the steps you need to fully achieve compliance and stay that way.

This package includes:


  • 2 Day On-site Consult

  • Compliance Obligations Analysis

  • Stakeholder / Process Team Interviews

  • Strategic Alignment Review

  • Program, Process, Data, and Continuous Improvement Review and Recommendations

  • Compliance Improvement Playbook

  • Lean Compliance Training

  • Coaching Sessions during Engagement


Engagement - 12 Weeks

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